Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Even More Hats

 I'm still slowly working my way through the top shelf of my wool cupboard - this is where I keep all the yarn that I've bought with the intention of making hats.

This lovely blue is another Katia yarn (I mentioned it in my last post) - I've used it before to make a plain hat but wasn't so happy with it this time. There wasn't anything wrong with the hat itself, just that it was looking very plain: so I made a toning flower from blue merino wool and am much happier!

I also made this pompom hat - and am so happy with how it turned out! I bought a pompom maker when we were last over in England but hadn't really used it til now.

 The wool for this one is the Tivoli yarn that a friend of my sisters gave me - I wasn't sure if it would be too chunky for hats but I really like it. I am confident that I will be making more pompom hats!!

...and feast your eyes on these! This is the Rowan Superfine Merino dk that I'd ordered (from Laughing Hens in the UK) for my latest order from Jaye - they will be five flower hats eventually.

So far I'm on the 4th hat and then will make the flowers afterwards - so stay tuned for an update with photos next time!

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