Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Well I'm not really sure how it got to be nearly half way through April before I posted in here...I guess that's what happens when I go back to work...

I've finished the hats for the male artists in Barbara's annual retreat so I've been working on a headband design.

 Like the hats, it's made in 100% Irish wool - I love being able to use Irish wool for the hats for her artists - though the wool comes all the way from Donegal rather than Kerry woolen mills (I find it's softer than the local wool)

I'm quite happy with the design, if I say so myself - but am waiting to see if it gets the thumbs up from Barbara before I make the other ones. The flower is a double-layered sweetheart rose and the band itself is made in crochet rib so that it's stretchy and will comfortably fit. I've made it wide enough so that the ears are kept covered - I can't stand skinny headbands myself! 

Since I've gone back to work on the ferry of course my crochet production has drastically slowed down but here are some recent wrist warmers. 

I made this pair above in Cygnet's 'Boho Spirit' - it's a 100% acrylic yarn that actually feels soft and is pleasant to work with. I'd previously made crocodile stitch wrist warmers in it but thought I'd give the plain ones a go now - I'm going to make them out of the other two shades that I'd purchased online last year. 

And these two pairs are good old trusty 'Country Tweed' - Riot, why did you discontinue this lovely yarn??? 


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