Thursday, May 4, 2017

Only one blog update last month - that isn't very good..I shall have to try harder this month. I do like to keep note of things in here for myself - I never expect that anyone else really actually follows this (do they?) but it's still a handy way for me to jot things down and record things that did/didn't work etc.

So since I last wrote in here I've finished all the hats and headbands for Barbara's artists. She won't be here til the middle of next month but I always prefer to work without having to rush or to have to make them all in a short period of time. I made a headband for myself too as I like the design so much :)

Work on the ferry is going really well - we were very busy over Easter. The weather was just perfect (almost like summer!) so that brought more people round sightseeing.

The good weather couldn't last so we went from summer back to spring rather abruptly, with the result that I now have a horrible head cold!!

I'm lucky enough to have three days off this week though (as I had to work ten days off in a row to cover for Roger, who got sick) so this was pretty much my first day off ...

..lovely chocolates from the Skelligs Chocolate factory and then we went over to Valentia to Britta and Steffans' garden centre. Most of the flowers will be outdoors once it's that little bit warmers but I want to grow tomatoes and peppers in the conservatory so I've bought some of each. My friend Kate gave me some pepper and tomato seedlings too so hopefully they will all be successful.

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