Saturday, March 24, 2018

hats, hats and more hats..

As a good portion of my 'stock' is now in Daly's craftshop in Valentia I've been trying to rebuild up some stock - in a couple of months Lucy's Sea Synergy Centre will be open in the village again and I need some stock for there - as well as my Etsy shop too.

A lot of the yarn that I'd bought in Poland is chunky so it's very quick to work with - so I'm making hats at the moment...lots of them!

It's been warm enough for me to take my crochet to the beach a couple of times lately - my most favourite place to crochet.

Loads of hats and I'm not finished yet... These are all made in Katia yarns - Inca and Azteca.

 I made these wristwarmers with Polish wool (OlĂ© brand) while we were on holiday -I wish so much that I'd bought more of it (I bought a navy/blue shade as well) but eventually I'm hoping to buy it online.

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