Thursday, May 24, 2018

Our Darling Little One

 I haven't wanted to post about Oscar as I was hoping that his illness was just a minor one but no, our darling little one is terminally ill.

He'd gone off his food so we brought him to the vets in Killarney for tests and after blood tests, hospitalisation and a lot of consulting with the laboratory in England he had his spleen removed.

We were hoping that that was the end of his illness and that he'd soon bounce back to normal but it turns out that he has a rare type of lymphoma and there is no chance of a recovery.
 So he's back home with us and is on a daily dose of steroids, which are hopefully slowing down the spread of the cancer.

It's been an incredibly stressful time for all of us but we're so glad that he's home and hopefully will just 'go' in his sleep here rather than him having to go to the vets with us.

We had been keeping him indoors in case he'd pick up an infection - his immune system is rock bottom - but the weather has been lovely the last couple of days and he's asked to go outdoors so we've let him out to enjoy lying in the garden.

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