Friday, August 3, 2018

Hats for Artists 2018

 I *think* that this is the sixth year that Barbara Lively has asked me to make wool hats for the artists who come over to Valentia for her retreat...I need to check back to see how many years it's been...

Anyway, this is this year's colour - a lovely cornflower blue with tweedy dark and light blue flecks running through it.

This year she asked for a total of eight hats (three plain beanies for the men and five flower ones for the women) and five pairs of wrist warmers. I always buy a 2kg cone of Studio Donegal's wool from Springwools for her commission (she chooses the colour every year but this one really stood out for me this year too)

I've only just finished the hats/wrist warmers last week, I really did lose my motivation after Oscar died; but Barbara doesn't need the items until the 12th August so it all worked out ok.

I didn't take a photo of the finished hats - I'll make another one from the leftover wool though so I must remember to take a photo of that one instead.

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