Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Selkie takes on the world!

Yay - Peter brought me back some small stickers yesterday so I've just sat down and put each of my Etsy sales up on the map!!

The place with most sales is North Carolina, with California in second place and then Utah.

I am really amazed to see it all up on the map properly - it's so wonderful to have had so many sales at all, but so many international ones is just wonderful!

I love how I have one lonely sale in Australia!


  1. I keep meaning to do this, I love selling to new countries. We even had to tell the post office guy where a parcel to belarus was going. I have one meerkat in Tasmania, that's my favourite!

  2. you are fab! xxx
    (and so is P. -how cute is he?)

  3. thanks - Carrie, I know, how sweet is he?!!!