Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Colours!

 I couldn't resist and I have already started using my lovely new Riot yarns; this one is called 'Neon' and it has just the most amazing bright rainbow colours - I love it!!!
I've got this pair listed in my Etsy shop just now and I have enough of the wool for another pair too - I'm so glad I bought two balls of this yarn.
 This one below is called 'Volcano' and is still on my hook (though I'm on the second wrister now, the one in the photo is the first one) - this was my crochet spot when I got home from work yesterday; just sitting out in the garden with my crochet, coffee and some yummy chocolates!

 Once I get this pair finished I'm going to make a pair with the new purple/green shade (called 'reflections') - oh I love King Cole riot so much!! It's a really fun yarn to work with as the colour is forever changing and merging from one shade to the next, I find it quick to work with as I'm always saying that I'll just keep going til the next colour change, but then of course I want to see how the next one turns out..and the one after that etc etc.

Our weather has been so perfect just lately, I thought I'd include a couple of scenery shots :) This is how a beach should look! No plastic or other marine litter, just lots of shells and clear water. I do voluntary work for the Irish Whale and Dolphin group so if there's a dead stranding in this area I go out to take photos, measurements and record the species etc - well I've been a bit of a jinx lately as I got an email about a stranding here (Beal Trá) but by the time we got there the tide had taken it out again so there wasn't anything for us to find - it was a nice drive out though, and is somewhere that would be great to go with a picnic and my crochet sometime :)

the wild flowers there were breath-taking too (this is a type of wild orchid) - next time I go back I'll take lots more photos.

...and these are a couple of 'work' photos - this sunset caught my eye the other evening when I was on the way home from work and I just had to pull in and take a couple of photos to try and capture it.

and this was taken at my workplace - it's so funny how we can have a full load one crossing and I'll be totally rushed off my feet and have barely enough time to get all the fares collected, and then we'll have a load like this!

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