Monday, June 30, 2014

I did it!!

Yay!! I reached my goal of getting 600 Etsy sales before July 11th (the anniversary of my first ever sale) - I'm so over the moon, I was thinking that it wasn't going to happen but then while I was sleeping a lady in Minnesota bought two of my cotton scrubby sets and that brought me up to 601 - woo!

I can't quite believe how much of a success my Etsy shop has been; every so often I have to stop and pinch myself. I'm not sure what my next 'goal' will be - really none of it matters that much because each individual sale and customer is an achievement for me: Etsy is such a huge site and there's so much competition which I can't possibly ever keep up with but I am feeling very proud of myself for getting to where I am all the same.

As a celebration I've treated myself to something I've had my eye on for a while; it's a silver ring from a seller in the US but it's cast from two little crab claws that she found in Ballinskelligs beach (literally the other side of the bay from where I live and go beach combing myself)

This is her shop please click but she's put her shop on 'vacation mode' while she's away on holiday but she'll be back after 14th July so please check it out. I really adore her limpet pendants too but this is what I chose for my celebration gift to myself crab claw ring - I'm so excited about it and can't wait for it to arrive! By serendipity I placed my order just before she was closing for her holiday so the ring will soon be in the post to me :)

Meanwhile I've been busy with my crochet - this is the pair that I posted a photo of the last time -- they're all finished and listed in my Etsy shop already - I LOVE these colours!
 and the next two pairs are made in King Cole's 'country tweed' - the colours are a lot more subtle than in 'riot' but they are lovely too.

 I really like the vibrant green in amongst the shades of browns in this shade of yarn
 and this is what I'm working on at the moment - in King Cole's 'galaxy' (the shade is 'ruby' I think?)
this pair is taking me a while to make as I've been busy making scrubbies in lots of different colours at the same time in an attempt to get some extra listings in my shop scrubbies!!! - click on the link to see all twenty different colours that are available at the moment :)

I really love it when my scrubbies sell - I am such a huge convert to them myself so it's exciting to know that someone else will hopefully soon be feeling the same about them too.

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