Thursday, September 4, 2014

Raindrop Yarns and Wrist Warmers :)

Back at the start of July I purchased these lovelies from a fellow Etsyian raindrop yarns - I thought I'd write a blog post about them as they really impressed me :)

So far I've only used the 4-ply sparkle yarn (to the right of the photo above) but the others are great quality and fab colours too; I just may have too much wool in my boxes at the moment so it's taking me a long time to get around to using it all up *blush*

I don't really know why but I love getting yarns that are wound in a skein, I have to dust off my skein unwinder and ball winder and make it all into a lovely fat ball of yarn myself.
 This is my crochet spot in our garden - we bought ourselves a lovely comfy swing-seat this summer and it is just the best place for crocheting :)

...but as always my crochet comes pretty much everywhere with me --- I did most of the work on these sparkly wrist warmers either in our garden or down on the beach :)

and here are the finished wrist warmers

One of the hardest things for me with my Etsy shop is actually writing the listings and trying to find the right tags and search terms for my items - it's the ones side to my shop that I don't really enjoy but you have to do it otherwise people won't be able to find your items!

wrist warmer listing -- I listed these ones on the 18th August and they sold just last night -- they are all packaged up and going to Norway later today. This was my first ever sale to someone in Norway so that's another sticker to go on my world map of sales :)

I know I have a tonne of yarns already in my boxes (I have seven great big plastic boxes full, sigh) but I would definitely order with Raindrop Yarns again  - I wish I'd ordered more of her 4-ply yarn rather than just the one skein, but it'll give me an excuse to go back and do some more online shopping...

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