Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wrist Warmers and a New Arrival!

Things have slackened off a bit at work now so I'm finding that I have more time & energy for my Etsy shop and crochet again - my poor shop has been very neglected in the last couple of months but hopefully things will take off for me again.

Lately I've been making wrist warmers - they remain my favourite things to make, either plain ones in single crochet, or the fancier version in crocodile stitch..

these last ones are made with more of the yarn I bought from Raindrop Yarns (see my previous post from this month) - they are 100% merino wool and hand-dyed. I love those colours together and really like how they came out in stripes like that, so that they gently spiral around the hand.

I'm in the middle of using the pink/purple aran from Raindrops yarn - making another pair of wrist warmers (see, they really are my favourites to make!) and then after that I have a grey hat to make but I'm full of cold at the moment and can't concentrate properly...

So you've seen the 'wristwarmers' part of this blog post's title - how about the 'new arrival' part?

Well, we hadn't intended in taking in any more pets for quite a while but I had a phone call from someone who was looking urgently for a foster home for their kitten so lo and behold we have taken in little Friday rather than see her roaming the dark, lonely streets of Knightstown ;)

She is totally cute and very friendly - we've only had her for a couple of days but she has settled in very well. It's going to take a while before she is on friendly terms with all four of our other cats but already she is quite pally with Oscar and they were chasing each other around the house earlier this morning.

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