Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September - part three

I only have eight more working days left on the ferry now; it's kind of frightening how quickly the season has passed this year - we've been so lucky with the weather though so I can't complain -- here it is, the 23rd of September already and the weather is still glorious. It makes my day-job so much easier :)

Our season finishes on the 5th October this year but I will be working my last shift on the Friday, so I just have four more mornings and then four more evenings to work out and then that's it for yet another year.

I'm going to miss moments like this - you really need to click on the individual photos to see just how glorious it really is and even then photographs don't do it justice.

I've got these wrist warmers listed recently in my Etsy shop - the pink ones at the top are made using some more of my Raindrops yarn and the pink ones at the bottom are made using the utterly gorgeous 'Botany Lace' by Araucania which I won in the Lighthouse Yarns' competition in the summer.

I have so much wool in my boxes that it can take me quite a while to get around to using it up; as usual I'm trying hard to not buy any more at the moment but we will be going over to England some time next month and I just know I will be visiting a couple of wool shops while we're over there....

This is what I'm working on at the moment
 aren't they just so special? it's my first time using this yarn - it's ''Invicta Colour'' by Scheepjeswol (a Dutch company) - it's definitely one I will be buying again (and I want to check out the other colours), these rainbow colours are just fantastic.

 I've got my model head back from the Sea Synergy centre in the village (Lucy has a craft shop as well as her great exhibition on all things marine) so I have been also making hats to have in stock for my Etsy shop and any craft fairs I'll be attending before Christmas.

I was delighted to be able to get some more of this gorgeous blue for another slouchy hat -- the yarn has been discontinued so I've tried to stock up on it whenever I can but it looks like this blue one (above) will be the last one I'll be making in this shade as the yarn is getting harder and harder to find.

This grey hat was one I made as a custom order for a lady in England who has already bought two hats from me! I really like how it turned out, it was my first time using double knitting to make a hat and I'm very happy with it. I have enough of the yarn left over to make another couple of these (or maybe one hat and a pair of wrist warmers...) when I get around to it.

I thought I'd finish with a photo from yesterday; it pretty much sums up this time of year for me -- I was on the way home from the beach (with my crochet - I'd brought the rainbow crocodile stitch ones with me) and while walking home I started collecting gorgeous plump, ripe blackberries. 

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