Saturday, March 21, 2015

another update..

Ugh, I think March has just been a not-so-good month for me just recently - this is only my 4th update of the month and I really feel like I've kind of stagnated lately.

I've hit a real depression - my own fault I'm ashamed to say, as I take tablets to help with my mood/hormones and somehow lost track and managed to lose a whole week this month: with the result that I have been the lowest I've been in years.

I know I'm lucky really - this is only temporary and I know what has caused it, but it is kind of scary to see so clearly how much of a difference my tablets make and how I would be without them :(

While I've been like this I've been re-reading ''Crochet Saved my Life'' on my Kindle (an excellent book) - when I'm really bad I just can't get my head round most of my crochet; I feel stupid for saying it but it just feels 'wrong' and too complicated...

For example I'm making hats for Barbara's the Artist's art retreat again this year but I just had to take a break from it last week as it just wasn't making sense. This is wool that I've already worked with in the past (this will be my third year making the hats for her artists, and every year we use the same Irish Donegal tweed and change the colour each time) -- so I should be capable of it but it's just not working ;(

So I've gone back to making crocodile wrist warmers yet again ...

I took this photo just now, working outdoors on our swing-seat in the garden. I'm not feeling so awful today so hopefully I'm starting to turn the corner back towards normality.

Look at this for a stunningly beautiful clear blue sky!

Oh gosh that's another thing - my beloved Sony Cybershot camera has finally kicked the bucket. It has survived years of me dropping it, leaving it behind me on the name it...and finally it has had enough and has given up the ghost.

I love my camera so much; this is the first digital 'proper' camera that I've ever had and it felt like an extention of myself: reflecting how I see the world and taking all the photos for my Etsy shop, greetings cards...everything.

In the meantime my Dad has kindly lent me his old camera (which is a bit wonky but still works) - so I've used that to take the photos in this update. It doesn't feel the same though :(  We've gone ahead and ordered a new Cybershot from Sony - I'm hoping that I will get on ok with it, I think that because I had had my old camera for so long it's bound to feel a bit strange to be using something different, but watch this space.

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  1. Hi Selkie,

    hope your mood, like mine is brightening up with spring days, and feels like your bright pictures then.
    Was thinking anout my camera history only yesterday. How they have changed with time and technical progress.. It's almost unbelievable.