Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well, having got the year off to a great start with my blog (17 posts in two months) I seem to have ground to a halt. It's already the 10th March and this is only my first post of the month.

Not that it matters really, it just means that not a lot has happened I guess..

I've got my fifth shockwave treatment this week - on Thursday morning, hopefully it will all go well again. There definitely is a huge improvement in my tennis elbow - I'm able to go without wearing my clasp most of the time now; I only wear it if I am beachcleaning or if I am crocheting over a long period of time.

I do find it hard every time to remember that I need to try and rest after the treatment and to cope with the ache and pain for a day or so; some weeks have been better than others, but overall it certainly has been worth it and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone else in a similar situation.

My Etsy shop is kind of ticking along - I'm up to 704 sales now. I've finally chosen what I wanted to treat myself to as a present to celebrate my 700th sale - watch this space...I'll post about it when it arrives.

This is what I've been making lately - I'm up to 137 listings in my Etsy shop :)

I'm in the middle of another pair of the crocodile stitch wrist warmers - they really are my favourite things to make and I'm using up some of my lovely King Cole riot dk from my last Springwools order.

I really need to make a start on the hats for Barbara the artist's summer retreat - I'm still thinking about what pattern to use....

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