Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 My new camera is still waiting to be taken up to Dublin so that I can get a refund -- we were going to get a replacement but we reckoned it would take Sony forever to organise this (they STILL haven't even collected the 'new' camera yet and we phoned them about it on Thursday afternoon) so we've opted for a total refund and we've gone and bought the exact same camera from another seller on Amazon. At this rate the replacement one will have come before Sony arrange a courier to collect the old one. Sigh.

Anyway, not to get down about it, I have finally been able to suss out how to transfer photos from my phone to the computer - so I can still take photos!

All the photos in this post are taken by my phone - they aren't really brilliant but they are good enough really in the meantime. I'm just happy I can still take photos and share them.

 I've been working down on the beaches the last couple of days - the rubbish coming in on the tide is never-ending but it really makes a difference to have 'cleaned' the beaches of the really bad rubbish and then just have to do 'maintenance' clean-ups every few weeks.
This piqued my interest the day before yesterday - it's an escape vent from an America lobster trap (so that the under-sized lobsters and other species can get out of the trap ok) but I thought that the name branded on it looked familiar. So when I got home, I checked on facebook and I'm already facebook friends with Bobby Ingalls - and it comes from one of his traps. He could tell for sure because of his licence number underneath his name. What a small world - this has come all the way from Maine to here and I'm already facebook friends with its owner!
 I found this bottle cap yesterday - the little baby looked cute so it caught my eye - it turns out that it's from a Japanese brand of mayonnaise (sold globally as far as I can make out) -- I think everything you find on the beach has a story as to how it ended up there ~~~ some things I can trace backwards but others just remain a mystery, like this bottle cap.
 So anyway, this is the result of my beach cleaning yesterday - four bags of rubbish! Since doing my initial cleaning down there, I've noticed that it's more rope coming in on the tide than anything else - then I think it's plastic bottles and tops and then probably 'miscellaneous' non-identifiable plastic pieces.

Peter's working all day today so I haven't been able to drive to the beach - so instead it's been a yoga/housework/washing/cooking kind of day - to relax in the afternoon I headed out into the garden for an hour or so with all of this :)
 Yes, this is my big 2kg cone of 'studio Donegal' wool for Barbara's hats! I've made the first one already!

And this is our Dinah in all her glory!

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