Saturday, April 11, 2015

Out and About

 We've been so fortunate with the weather just lately - several gloriously warm and sunny days - I should be back at work on the car ferry by now but that's all still on-hold so I've made a conscious decision to enjoy my extra time that I have this Spring before I have to return to the daily grind!

 On a whim last week I thought it would be great for us to go on a proper picnic - we have the most lovely vintage picnic hamper and it doesn't get used often enough (and even when it does, we usually end up having to eat in the car as the weather has made a turn for the worst while we've been driving to a picnic spot)

But last week the weather was just perfect - so I chose Cloghvoola as a nice spot :) I hadn't been along this tiny road in the last twenty or so years I guess but it always was one of my favourite cycling routes when I was younger.

 Sadly the road has REALLY deteriorated in that time but Peter bravely drove along the bumps and hollows with only minimal muttering under his breath!

 But it was all worth it for a view like this ...

While we were driving along the road I kept seeing the 'Kerry Way' sign-posts, so a couple of days later my friend Liz and myself decided to trek from Cloghvoola towards Tarmons, following the Kerry Way trail over the hill to the other side of the lake.

It just about finished me off but I am so keen to do it again!

This was the view from near the top of the hill, looking down towards the other side of the lake.

If we had kept on the Kerry Way we would have gone through Cahersivane and on to Mastergeehy - I'm kind of keen now to walk that section of the trail too sometime...I'll wait til I get my camera back though (or hopefully a new replacement), so watch this space...

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