Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Diary of a pair of wrist warmers

At the start of last month I had a message from a lady in California, asking if I would make her a pair of larger wrist warmers in the colours of the sea (so that the scales would look like the waves on the sea) - I LOVE to get messages about custom orders; first of all, it's so exciting when someone new finds my shop but also I do like a challenge - it's through my custom orders really that I learn new patterns and techniques.

Anyway, I sent her a photo of this pair to see what she thought of the colour -- this was some King Cole Country Tweed DK which I had found in a wool shop while I was over in England. It was a shade I hadn't seen before but of course it caught my eye (I love these colours!) - they only had one ball of it in stock so that was all I had bought; enough for one pair of my 'regular' sized wrist warmers.

My customer loved the colours too, so I was able to track some more of it through Springwools up in Dublin and then was able to get started on a scaled-up version of them :)

I started on the wrist warmers on one of my days off work, and had taken my crochet to the beach for a few hours of relaxation.

I love how the colours match my surroundings - this shade is just perfect for ocean-inspired crochet!

These custom ones are quite a bit bigger than the ones I usually make but it was no problem to make a bigger size - they did use a lot of wool though, nearly twice as much.

I love how they turned out and they are now somewhere between Waterville and Sacramento!

As I wasn't 100% sure how much of the wool I'd need for this project, I had ordered three balls of it from Springwools - so I had a whole ball left over, which was enough for one pair of the 'regular' ones :)

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