Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A New Arrival!

 Meet Ondine - she arrived in the post yesterday! I've had a cheap mannequin head for modelling my hats for a few years now but haven't really ever liked her much at all, she was just the only one I could afford at the time.
So thanks to the success of my first market in Portmagee earlier this month I've splashed out and bought this model instead (from Amazon) -- she is actually bald so I bought the wig separately - it's quite a good idea really as I can change her 'look' in the future if I want to.

She looks incredibly sad, doesn't she, but I think she's more photogenic than my 'old' mannequin (who I used to try and turn in the photos so that you didn't make eye-contact with her!)

Talking about markets, my second one at Portmagee was pretty successful but I was working the next week so Peter went instead for me - and didn't sell one single item. Sigh. I'm taking a break from it now til I'm back off work on Wednesdays again - my next ones off will be the 12th and the 19th August.

After the summer markets in Portmagee I think that will be it for me until the run up to Christmas (how awful to be talking about Christmas so much when it's only July still)

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