Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Photos from my days off work

 It's that bonkers crazy time of year at work again and we still have weeks of it to go, so yet again I thought I'd post some moments of pure peace and tranquility from my days off.

At this time of the season I try to make a conscious decision to make the very most of my days off work and then by capturing the essence of it all in photographs so that I don't forget!
 I had a day down on the beach -- and look what I saw! the first ones I've seen in ages - this was a pod of common dolphins swimming (more like zooming around) in Ballinskelligs Bay - it just lifted my heart so much to see them! I am so grateful for the excellent zoom on my new camera though, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have taken a photograph at all.
 Then the next day Peter and I went to Killarney, to see 'The Song of the Sea' in the cinema - I think it is my favourite film in a long time, I can't wait to get it on DVD so I can watch it over and over again. We went there via Bealach Oisín, the road that goes over the mountains - it's my favourite route :)
 ..and then these ones below are from my last days off (I actually had a weekend off work - my next one isn't til the middle of September) -- I got up at the crack of dawn on the Saturday so that I could go beachcombing and catch the low tide over at Portmagee.

 This was the early morning mist over the River Inny on the way out of Waterville - often when I've been rushing to go to work in the morning I've noticed how still the river is and thought how lovely it would look as a photograph.
 These are taken from the beach just outside of Portmagee - it's my go-to place for finding the tiny shells for my Etsy shop :)

 The tide was right out so I went walking along the strand further than I would have done normally - it was so so peaceful, I was the only person down there.
 The rock pools were full of gorgeous sea anemones!

 From Reencaheragh I headed over the mountains to St. Finan's Bay and did a quick scout about on the beach there --

 and then from there I headed to the Black Strand (over the water, just outside Cahirciveen)before finally heading back home!


  1. wow Rosemary those photos are absolutely stunning. Are you a photographer too?? The dolphins and the misty sea scene are incredible!

    1. Oh thanks Anne-Marie, I always try to have my camera with me when I'm out and about - I'm just a keen amateur!