Saturday, September 12, 2015

As well as barmbracks, my thoughts are turning to other Autumnal treats -- my favourite would be BLACKBERRIES!

A couple of years ago a random wild bramble started to grow in the hedge that runs across the bottom of our back garden - last year was the first time it bore a few small fruit but they were bitter and not very tasty at all. I don't know what's happened this year but this year it has gone crazy - it is laden with large, juicy berries that are delicious!

It's great to have our own source of berries right in our garden - every couple of days I go out to pick more and more. Most of them are going in large tupperware containers in the freezer so that I can enjoy them in the middle of winter but I am going to make us an apple and blackberry crumble this afternoon with fruit from our garden -- yes, our apple trees (all two of them!) have finally borne fruit as well.
It will be the tastiest crumble I'll have ever had in my life :) We planted the apple trees several years ago but it's really only this year that they have flowered and set fruit.

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