Saturday, September 12, 2015

I've got a bike! Isn't this the most beautiful bike you've ever seen?

I'd been thinking about trying to get back into cycling for a while now and then recently had to go to see a podiatrist, who recommended that I try non-weight bearing exercise (such as swimming or cycling) so that was the final push that I needed.

Peter and I went to the local bike shop a couple of weeks ago and I said what I was looking for ~~~ an old fashioned bike, with a comfortable saddle, proper wheels (not skinny racer ones), not too many gears etc etc. So this is what we came up with & I love it!

I haven't gone very far on it yet - today's trip was the furthest I've been yet; along the Lake Road just as far as Lily Bay -- it's a small start; when I was younger I would often cycle about twice this distance and think nothing of it.

Now that work is quietening down a lot I'm hoping to get in the habit of going on bike rides again - next time I will have to try to go a little bit further!

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