Saturday, July 2, 2016


Phew, another month has already flown past -- soon we'll be in the throes of the really busy season at work but for the time being it's going ok. I'm so so happy that my boss has taken someone else on to help out through the busy season this year so it should make things a lot less stressful.

Back on the selkie-crochet front -- I've just bought all of this loveliness from the mighty Springwools in Dublin! 

There's a great big 2kg cone of gorgeous pure wool in there as well as lots of 50g balls of the same brand of wool.

This is the most gorgeous colour! I'll be using the cone to make hats and wrist warmers for Barbara's artists' retreat (which is in September this year) - I just adore the colour and it will be great to work with :)

The grey wool will be made into another of these scarves -this will be my 4th one!

 It's a pattern from the book that my sister Amy brought me back as a my birthday present from America and I love how it turned out. It reminds me of seaweed or lichen!
 The pattern uses chunky yarn so I use three strands of the aran weight wool to get the right effect.
All four of these are going to be bought by previous participants in Barbara's artists' retreat -- this colour was last year's shade and I was left with quite a bit of it left after making all the hats. I'm so glad that I'd kept the remainder of the cone for a special project; I love how the scarves turned out!

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