Saturday, July 23, 2016

Making Hats

 Barbara's given me the thumbs up on the new design and fit for this year's hat so I've been busy working on them in my spare time - work is busy now at this time of year (and will continue to be pretty bonkers for the next month!) - but my crochet helps me to relax/unwind so it's great to have a big 'project' to be working on.
This is my pattern (such as it is) - it makes sense to me but I don't know if anyone else could follow it (?) I've just started on hat number six already; they're quite slow to make and use a LOT of the wool. Each hat takes over 200g of wool but I still should have enough left over to make a few pairs of matching wrist warmers if they want them.

I'm not sure if Barbara still wants me to make plain hats (in a different colour) for the male artists/partners but in the meantime I'm concentrating on these 'fancy' blue ones.

I was thinking about going out for a ride on my bike this afternoon as I'm off work but I'm just too tired so I sat out in the garden instead :)

The garden is like a jungle this year but I'm hoping to tackle it in the Autumn! I can't wait for the black berries to ripen - the raspberries have been disappointing this year as it has rained so much that a lot of them have turned mouldy. Hopefully we'll have a better crop of blackberries.

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  1. We completely missed our blackberrries this's been so hot we hide inside whenever we can :p
    I do love the flower photos :)