Sunday, August 21, 2016

Catching up

I've got three days off work so I'm hoping to use the time to relax but to also catch up on replying to my messages (waves hello to Mary Ruth!) and hopefully will make it out on my bike on Tuesday. I'm back at work on Wednesday evening --I did a day for Senan so he's paying me back by doing my morning shift today.

I am just SO glad that I'm not working today: it has rained constantly all day.
I've spent most of the day sitting on one of the deckchairs in the conservatory and crocheting - the light is great there (even on a dull, rainy day) 

 This is what I'm working on -- the grey wool is for the gents hats for Barbara the artist's retreat - I need to make two of them -- and the rainbow one will be wrist warmers!
I bought these temporary tattoos on Etsy and love that this one matched my yarn :)

 I bought all of this lovely yarn from my friend Sonya on facebook!! I had to shoe-horn it into my wool cupboard.
It's a new yarn for me -- Boho Spirit by Cygnet. It reminds me a LOT of King Cole's Riot but this is 100% acrylic. It's actually really really soft and is nice to work with - I had to give the rainbow coloured one a try!

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