Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Making the most of my days off work

 So, the day before yesterday was atrocious (it rained ALL day long) but yesterday was a warm sunny day so in the afternoon I packed up my crochet and went to the beach :)
 This is about as busy as this beach (Lohar beach) gets in the holidays. I'm not one for sitting out and baking in the sun so I always find myself a shady spot away from everyone else.

 Voila! I stayed here for over an hour - I've been making the men's hats for Barbara's artists and then headed back up to the car.

 For most of the year there are sheep in this field (right by the beach) but lately there's been a herd of curious cattle!
This is one of the men's hats - I really like the charcoal grey and it's full of tweedy flecks in oranges, burgundy, green and cream so it isn't just like a 'flat' colour. I love working with the Studio Donegal wool so much every year. Barbara is a great patron to me.

As well as all the hats, she's asked if I would make wrist warmers to match the ladies' hats this year - I'm hoping that I will have enough wool left from the 2kg cone (those puff stitch hats used a LOT of wool each!) and that I won't have to buy some more, as it would probably be from another dye lot.

I've made a start on the first pair this afternoon - I'm making them from alternate rows of single crochet and trebles: it's a bit of an experiment but so far so good!

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