Saturday, March 11, 2017

Wool Shopping!

Apologies for not keeping my blog updated in a while - it's already nearly half-way through March and this is my first post in a few weeks.

We're just back from our holiday in New York! Peter turned 60 in December and the trip to New York was his big birthday present!

We were there for twelve days and just got back on Wednesday: I'm experiencing jet lag for the first time and I don't like it, but it was worth it for the wonderful holiday that we both had.

I'm in the middle of sifting through the 2100+ photos that I took while we were here, but I thought I'd start off with 'wool shopping in New York'

One afternoon we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and went exploring in Brooklyn -- we went to a very expensive antique/flea market held in an old bank, then a wonderful graveyard (I love old graveyards) and then finally a wool shop!

Woolyn was one of the two wool shops that were on my 'list' for New York- isn't their window display gorgeous? It was for Valentine's day but I loved the rainbow colours :)

The interior was equally colourful...

You really need to click on the photos individually to see the colours properly...I was in heaven!

They mostly sold independently produced luxury yarns - many hand-dyed. I could easily have spend hundreds and hundreds there.

These are the yarns that I bought from there; the shop assistant kindly gave me a discount so all this 'only' came to $184 (if you say it quickly it's less painful!) - like I said, I could so easily have spent ten times this!

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