Saturday, March 25, 2017

 This is what's been keeping me busy just lately - the hat is one of the ones for the male artists at Barbara Lively's artists' retreat this year. I really do like the colour - it's always easier working in a colour that you like yourself. 

I need to double check with her but I think she said she wants six hats for the men and six headbands for the women, that may change between now and June though.

So far I've just made three of the hats and have started on the fourth one...I think I'll get all the hats made and then decide on a pattern for the headbands - maybe ribbed ones, as they are good and stretchy...

I like to make an early start on them so that I'm not having to do a last minute rush, so I should have them all made and ready in plenty of time. 

 In between making hats I've been making wrist warmers, to try and pad out my Etsy shop a bit more -- I've still got less than 90 listings; 100 is meant to be the 'magic' number and I've found in the past that the more items I've got listed the more likely things are to sell.

I also need to start planning ahead for the summer and for having some stock in Lucy's Sea Synergy Centre (and gift shop) in the village...

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