Friday, March 17, 2017

Knitty City - Wool Shopping in New York City

Wow, well I thought 'Woolyn' over on Brooklyn was amazing but nothing could have prepared me for the wonder that is 'Knitty City' in Manhattan! 

This wool shop is right near the Museum of Natural History and Central Park, and we'd intended to go there on our second day in New York - well, we went to the museum first but were so overwhelmed and tired by it all that I totally forgot about the wool shop -- yes this is how good the museum was.

So 'Knitty City' had slipped down the list til the next time we would be near Central Park but I was determined not to forget it a second time: we were very fortunate that we were staying in New York for twelve days so we had plenty of time to see what we had wanted to without TOO much rushing around all the time (we still managed to clock up over 11miles of walking some days though!)

 So this is Knitty City! The shop is bigger than Woolyn is and of the two I think I'd want to go back to Knitty City - the staff were SO helpful but at the same time were happy to leave you wander round (like I did!) without breathing down your neck.

Peter is intently listening in to the shop assistant teaching a lady about tension and how to figure out the right size needles for her project! I wish that big mound of yarn on the table was mine but that's mine in the bag on the chair next to P :) 

While Peter sat happily at the table I wandered round, trying to take it all in - and wishing that I'd won the lottery so that I could buy it all...sigh...

I think sock yarn is one of my favourites - especially in self-striping colours - I love using it for the crocodile stitch wrist warmers....

They just had SO much choice!

These were super soft and almost edible...

I fell in love with this one...but it was over $60 for 80g and I just couldn't afford it so I gave it a little cuddle and set it back on the shelf. I'm sure I heard Peter sigh with relief!

They had just about every colour that you could imagine but I am always drawn to the blues, sea greens and these lovely inky purples...

I hadn't known this but they were heavily involved in making the 'pussy hat's for the women's march!

...and look they even have Icelandic wool! I didn't buy any as I still haven't used the same ones that I bought in the wool shop in Reykjavik last year...I will get round to it!

They gave me this great big re-usable shopping bag for my purchases and a discount on what I'd bought - which I really appreciated!  :)

 So this is what I chose from Knitty City - like I said I could have easily bought just about the whole shop. I'll take better photos as I work my way through them...but these will all be hats and wrist warmers I think.

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