Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Finished Scarves!

I've finished all three of the scarves - they are in different shades of the same yarn. I haven't listed scarves in my Etsy shop for a long time; mainly as they take so long to make and also that I HATE being in any of the listing photos. So I thought I'd try to use my mannequin instead and I think it's worked pretty well.

 It looks like a friend in America will buy the blue one (below) later today - it would be great to have the sale; things have been so quiet for me on Etsy lately. I do have less than 75 listings though so that doesn't help!

I'm really quite happy with how the scarves turned out - if I see that yarn again I would be tempted to buy more of it so that I could do the same...

I do love the ripple stitch - especially in finer yarns like this one...

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