Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Oh look at these lovelies - purple really is my favourite colour - it is the colour that I tend to gravitate towards in the woolshops and could happily use it as the only colour in my crochet.

I bought the two skeins to the right in the above photo in Knitty City in New York earlier this year and made hats with them in the last couple of days...I love how they turned out!

The colours remind me of watercolour paintings - with drops and splashes of different colours that blend into each other. :)

and this one below is for a hat for myself! I had made myself one a couple of years ago in similar colours but then managed to lose it on a coach trip in Iceland - I still haven't really forgiven myself for that (we did try their lost and found department but they had thousands of lost hats...and the lady said that at least it would get donated to a charity so I guess it hadn't gone to waste)

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