Thursday, October 19, 2017

Finishing Up Orders

Earlier this month I finished up the blankie for Marianne's daughter - it will be part of her Christmas present so I will have to wait a while before I know if she likes it or not (but I hope so much that she will love it and will have it for years)

I quite enjoyed making it - it made a change to make something bigger than hats and wrist warmers and I was able to do it without having to rush, which is always more enjoyable.

The only downside of making something that has a lot of colours and is worked in stripes is all the sewing in of loose ends when you are finished. It is something that I HATE! With the blanket I did a lot of the edging and sewing in as I went along and that made it a lot more bearable.

At the same time of the blanket I was working on this order for my lovely best customer Jaye - I think she said that these cotton shower mitts will be on sale in her friend's shop in England but I made one slightly smaller, for a friend of hers.

She had contacted me about this order months ago - I think it was the start of the summer? - so I had already ordered the yarns and made four of the five shower mitts at my leisure.

She also wanted three pairs of crocodile stitch wrist warmers in the same colourway of Riot dk - I love this shade, it reminds me so much of love birds and parrots! 

So now that I'm caught up on orders for now I'm making items for my Etsy shop again, and hopefully for the Christmas markets...

 yet more crocodile stitch wrist warmers!
 and even more of them! I only have seven pairs (not counting these ones) available at the moment so I want to try and get some more made - luckily they are still popular and I love making them best of all.

And hats...I bought the wool for these two hats from 'Knitty City' in New York - oh happy days!!

It turns out that it is actually a British yarn - made by Rowan, so that should make it easier for me to source if these ones sell and I want to buy some more.

It was lovely to work with - very chunky with a slightly thick and thin/slubby texture. I know I do tend to fall in love with every yarn that I work with but this was gorgeous -- pure wool and soft, and because it's so chunky it was very quick to work with.

 And for something a bit different I've started making a scarf -- I've had this wool (in at least three colourways) for a while now so I'm finally getting around to using it up! People always ask if I have scarves at the markets so I'm going to try and get a few made between now and December and hopefully they will sell!

I love the close up of this yarn! 

I'm using the same ripple stitch as I used for the blankie at the start of this update - it's a favourite of mine for scarfs and makes it more interesting than just making something plain backwards and forwards.

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