Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bits and Pieces

 Look! I have my own spinning wheel!! A friend of my Mum's is clearing out their attic and rediscovered this. I bought it from her for €60, which seems very reasonable and it is in full working order (if only I knew what to do with it!!)

Learning to spin is something that was on my long-term list but I didn't think I'd get a spinning wheel so soon. My friend Jeanette spins so she will teach me :) Watch this space for updates in the New Year!

Talking about updates - I just received the latest update from one of my sponsor children - Bariki in Kenya. I just love the fish and mango tree that she has drawn!!

It's only thanks to everyone who buys my crochet bits and pieces (or sea glass and cards) that I can afford to sponsor two children - so thank YOU! 

 And here are some ceramic Christmas decorations that I made at a workshop with a local potter :)

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