Friday, December 1, 2017

More Newness

I've had to remake this hat as it has sold again :) I think I've got enough of the wool left for one more - or if not one more hat there should be enough for a headband. I guess it's popular as it's such a 'neutral' kind of colour? 

 I just finished this bouclĂ© cowl last night - it was a nightmare to make! I ripped it out twice so this was 'third time lucky'. BouclĂ© yarn is something that I don't want to see in a long time - it was awful! But having said that, I do like the finished cowl and hopefully someone will like it enough to buy it.

These three pairs of wristwarmers are all from the Cygnet 'boho spirit' which I just bought in England last month - at just about every market someone asks if I have wristwarmers that don't have any wool in them so this year I will be prepared. 

And these are good old faithful King Cole 'country tweed' 

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