Monday, January 15, 2018

I just placed a repeat order with Moo for more of my little business cards - I don't actually really hand them out as business cards but I do attach them to pretty much everything that I sell. They had a special offer where you get free postage, so I took advantage of that and purchased 200 of these little cards. It's a lot of cards but I will get through them over time...

I'd a message from a friend about making a replacement hat for them (people seem to lose hats a lot - I know even I did - I still haven't forgiven myself for leaving my favourite one on a bus in Iceland) so I was rummaging through my wool cupboard. Of course I don't have the 'right' wool so I'll be making a small order soon but I did rediscover my Lopi wool from Iceland!

I'd only bought a few shades of it - it comes in every colour under the rainbow - and of course now I'm looking back and wishing I'd bought lots more. You can see more of the colours here... buying wool in Iceland

So anyway, I made this slouchy hat last night and really do like how it turned out. A friend is going to buy it from me already so at least I don't have to worry about taking all the photos for Etsy and having to write up a listing :)

Once I finished that one I started on this one straight away...

The blue is actually the thinner version of the Lopi wool so I'm using two strands of it at the same time - it seems to be slower to work up than the white and grey version, I guess because it's easier to see where the stitches are in a lighter shade?

The grey/white hat used up nearly 200g of wool so I will still have enough Icelandic wool left for a third hat once I've finished this one as I'd bought a paler shade of blue as well (see in my work basket below). There *might* be enough of all/some of the colours left to make a 4th hat out of the left overs - maybe a beanie one rather than a slouchy one but we'll see how it goes.

Oh and look at the little late Christmas present Peter had bought for me! A tiny little package from China came in the post the other day and P said that it was for me :) I've always wanted one of these pretty 'stork' scissors - and now I have my own pair!


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    1. I love them too - my husband chose them as a surprise but he chose well :)