Saturday, January 27, 2018

Wool Orders and Nice Post

 I always feel like I really should apologise when I buy more wool: I have SO much already in my boxes and cupboard, but invariably whenever someone asks me to make them something in a specific colour or yarn it's the one that I don't have 'in stock' so I go online in search of it....

A lady on facebook was in touch with me about making a few pairs of wrist warmers for her again and a shower mitt too - of course when I need to get several different yarns it can be hard to find a single website that sells them all. But I was able to buy this King Cole 'Drifter' and this Cygnet 'Boho Spirit' from the one site - my first time buying from Sconch.

I had to buy the cotton from another site - Love Knitting - as it's been discontinued now and is getting more and more difficult to get hold of. I did a bit of a stock up on this cotton as I'd had an email from Jaye (my lovely repeat customer in the UK) asking about maybe making shower puffs in this cotton.

and then finally, I bought these lovely Langs from Springwools - again, it's a discontinued yarn but they seem to have a large stock of it as I've been able to order it twice in the last year or so. Colette wanted a hat to co-ordinate with her wrist warmers (also made in Lang) so I ordered in enough for a couple of hats...and then I wasn't sure of the exact shade # that I'd used (the Springwools site isn't great really for showing swatches of the different shades) so I ordered a couple of different shades.

But look! I didn't order this wool!!! I joined the facebook 'Cygnet Yarnstars' group recently and was selected for their monthly competition for next month...they send you some wool and you get to come up with a pattern using just one ball of it. They send you two balls so that you can have a practice one to start with and then make up the proper item you want to use for the competition.

I'd never seen vacuum packed wool before! It is so clever - it comes flat, like a letter; the only down side is the use of plastic in the packaging I guess, but I will reuse the bag.

I'll do a separate blog post about what I made out of the wool so watch this space....

And finally...some more lovely post! I ordered this hand-painted plate just before Christmas and it arrived recently :) I have quite a big collection of mermaid art, but it's difficult to get hold of selkies! I think it's beautiful; Peter has hung it up on the wall in our conservatory.

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