Monday, January 15, 2018

Pink and Grey

 A few photos of what I've been making since the start of the New Year - I'm always making wrist warmers (years on and they still are my most favourite things to make)

and some plain grey tweedy ones...

 I've started working through the pink 'Freedom Spirit' dk wool - this pair was bought by one of my sisters (thank you Barbara) so I made another pair and I have sold those ones too (just today, to a lady on facebook)

I've started using some of the Tivoli yarn too - these always sold pretty well for me when I used to buy the wool before so I'm hopeful that they will be good 'sellers' again.

..I haven't made the hat in silvery grey and black just yet.

I'm thinking about putting pompoms on the hats to kind of finish them off; so if I go ahead with that I'll have to rephotograph them again.

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