Friday, February 9, 2018

Back to Crochet

 Back to another of my comfort zones - my crochet of course! I had a message from a lady on facebook about another order  - she wanted four pairs of wrist warmers and a cotton shower mitt -- so I got them all done and photographed and sent off -- but then she sent me a photo of all the pairs she's already bought from me (see below). Isn't that amazing??! I don't know anyone who has nine pairs of my wrist warmers, apart from myself.
I love my customers :) I'd a message from Mary Ruth (hello if you're reading this!) about making some wristwarmers for her too, once we sort out the colour and hopefully Airmid will be wanting me to make them something else in cotton for their handmade soaps etc.

 Hopefully this hat will be sold locally to Colette, I'm waiting to see if she's happy with it :) I adore this yarn, 'Mille Colori' by Lang in aran weight yarn (50/50 wool and acrylic) -- it's been discontinued though so the only place I can really get hold of it has been Springwools in Dublin. Luckily they have a really speedy mail-order service.
 I had bought four balls of the wool so I decided to make wrist warmers in the 'spare' pair...I love how they turned out!

I bought the same yarn in a different shade and had enough to make another hat and wrist warmer set. I wouldn't be too keen on these colours myself but I have to remind myself often that a lot of what I make isn't for myself!

...and I've made these wrist warmers again - wrist warmers in this wool have been such a good seller for me :) 

...and the last hat in this yarn! I must have sold at least four of these ones now but this is practically the end of the wool. There might be just about enough for a headband but that would be the very very end of it then! I've decided to try and keep my blonde model's hair in plaits - not sure how that will work out but I thought I'd give it a try. Her wig is very long and when she comes back from modelling my hats all Summer in the Sea Synergy Centre in the village, her hair is very matted. I'm not convinced if it will stay in place like this but I thought I'd test it out in the meantime.
Next time I must post photos of the wrist warmers that are sitting in my work basket - just waiting to have the loose ends sewn in. I always have something on the go...

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