Friday, February 9, 2018


Well January went pretty quickly this year (I always tend to find it the longest month of the whole year) and now we're already 1/3 of the way through February....

It's a busy month for us as our friends are away on holiday so we are taking care of their little grocery shop. It's exhausting! -- but it means that they get to go away for a well earned rest so we kind of grit our teeth and get through it. It's hardest on Peter as he is working for 18 days in a row, with no break :( We aren't used to that crazy, full-time, leave-the-house-in-the-dark-get-home-in-the-dark kind of life (though it isn't REALLY dark when he goes to work) - it's always a bit of a culture shock for us and strange to not have so much time together. BUT, at the end of it, we have our own holiday to look forward to: this year we are going to Krakow in Poland.

As my last post on here was about my beach cleaning I thought I'd better post a couple of recent photos in this update.

 In the last week I've actually had help with my beach cleaning TWICE!!! Usually I just plod on on my own, muttering under my breath about the human race and how badly we treat the planet...but it is so much more pleasant an experience if you have company!

In just over an hour eight of us collected all this rubbish from Lohar beach - and we came back in the afternoon and 'finished' off the rest of the beach :) The rubbish is all bagged up and ready to go up to the roadside but I am hopeful that I might get help with that....unless you ask for help people won't know that you need it!

Look - we found treasures on the beach -- the white one was at Lohar beach and then on the same day we all went over to St. Finan's bay as there was a dead dolphin I needed to record for the IWDG database and Eleanor found the black horse! What are the chances??!

And then yesterday I had three helpers on the little beach that's next to Lohar! We got the whole beach done AND got it all up to the top of the cliff. The council workers should have collected it all yesterday afternoon or sometime today hopefully...I don't like leaving bags of rubbish by the road in case it encourages people to dump their own rubbish there too. 
I am having a day of rest today to recouperate!! I don't actually feel as awful as I thought I would do but I can feel the 'strain' in the backs of my legs.

It's amazing to think of this small stretch of beach being practically clear of marine litter (til the next storm!)

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