Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Recent ...

 These are the wrist warmers that I've made for Mary Ruth -- I made them a *slightly* smaller size than normal and have added thumbs as per her request. Thumbs are so fiddly to make and even more so in a very fine yarn. This was lovely 'mini mochi' -- I can't even remember when or where I got it from now but it has been on the middle shelf of my wool cupboard for a while!

I've been making yet more wrist warmers - these will all be going into the craft shop on Valentia Island (at Daly's Icecream Parlour) -- I need to get my 'shop' box out and sort out some stock for them as Caroline said that they are hoping to be open for Patrick's weekend.


  1. hahaha I get a mention ;)
    I am sorry my thumbs are fiddly! (but for me, thumbs are THE most important part of the whole darn thing) thank you for always adding them for me <3

    1. Oh no, I can appreciate the benefit of having a thumb - in very fine yarn though it's so fiddly!