Monday, January 12, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Time for another update before I forget stuff - my big news is that I've started to make a blanket!

It's something I've wanted to make for ages, pretty much once I realised that I could crochet, I was thinking that I'd like to make a proper bedspread/blanket but I never got around to it til now.

I started on it last night and this is the size of it this morning - it's SUCH slow work! It's going to be a thousand and one different colours as I am only using up oddments of yarn that I have accumulated from when I make my hats, wrist warmers etc..

It's another few rounds bigger since I took the photo but as it gets bigger and bigger it's going to take longer and longer for it to grow in size. I'm determined to finish it though - ideally I'd love it to be big enough to use as a bedspread or so that Oscar and I can snuggle up on the sofa together. Since he came back from the vets he's been really cuddly and has taken a liking to curling up in any of my wooly jumpers that he can find.

THIS is the blanket I'd love to make! I think I'll wait a while just yet though as even I couldn't manage to have two blankets on the go as well as trying to keep my Etsy shop relatively well stocked....maybe some time in the future though...

I'm still making inroads on the yarns that I bought in Germany - these scrubbies are made in 100% cotton - I love the funky colours! As always, I'm wishing that I had thought to buy some more of it while we were there, but there's always online shopping ;)

 And these wrist warmers are in pure merino wool from Germany :) I was really happy with how they were turning out until the great big brown section appeared - I don't know if it's just me or what, but it doesn't seem to 'go' with the other's kind of disappointing.

There wasn't even enough spare yarn left over so that I could have cut out this portion of the wool and just carried on with the regular shades. I'm making another pair of wristers in the pinky/purpley version of this wool and I think they will come up better

In Etsy news, I've got someone who is interested in ordering 11 sets of my scrubbies so that they can be sold at a friend's shop! I'm so excited about this :) We're still sorting out the colours, it's a pain that I don't have a tonne of all my different yarns in stock, usually it's just one or maybe two balls of stuff (and yet I still have seven big boxes full!) I'm hoping that my making this scrap-blanket will help use up a lot of the bits and pieces that I have held on to and then it should clear some room up in my boxes too ;)

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