Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ta-daaaa - my blanket is starting to look a bit more like a blanket and a bit less like a cushion cover :) This was it as of yesterday, now that it's bigger it's taking more and more time to complete a 'round' but I have got this far and I'm going to keep going til it's big enough. I've only been working on it for about a week but it's still only about half the size I want it to be....

It has just SO many different colours; so far I'm making it from all the left-overs from various wrist warmers, hats etc. It's mostly in aran weight yarn, I have had to double up some thin double knitting for a couple of the rounds but it's generally just one colour per round.

I've just finished these a couple of days ago - made using my German pure merino wool (the same brand as the ones I posted in the last update) - I still have this yarn in another two shades to make wrist warmers with :)

I've also been busy making scrubbies - the emerald green ones are made using some of the cotton I bought in Germany - I actually bought two shades of green but thought there's really no point in having two similar shades of green listed at the same time so it's just these ones for now.

...and these are the scrubbies that I've made for a bulk order - a total of eleven sets (there are two sets of the white ones and the dark red in the bottom row) - my Etsy customer will be buying them from me at the start of the next month hopefully: in the meantime I've got to get Peter to sort out the correct postage rate for the order and get them listed as a custom order.

We've had some really stormy weather recently but today's a much better day so I'm going to go and get myself organised so that I can go to the beach for an hour or two :) Photos to follow if I find anything of interest...

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