Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Back at the Beginning - part two

I thought I'd continue my looking back over the beginnings of 'selkiecrochet' in this blog update; it got too tiring last night to keep trawling backwards through all the photos on the computer so I thought it was better to spread it over a couple of posts instead.

My first two pairs of wrist warmers - I sure I still have both pairs lying around somewhere as they were both for myself. I wouldn't be happy with either pair now - I don't like using all treble for wrist warmers nowadays as they end up going more saggy and stretchy than ones made with just plain double crochet do... the striped pair is a kind of hybrid pair I guess, with double crochet on the wrist part and then trebles for the rest... but soon afterwards I switched to using just plain double crochet throughout. I much prefer the texture and durability of the ones that I now make; part of the fun of it all though is that it IS a kind of journey and you do learn new things and leave other things behind.
I started to make little cotton clothes-peg bags - we still have our one in use, nearly five years on!

 and large pure cotton tote bags - I still use this pattern (but have made a few alterations along the way)
cute wee baby cardi!
and these were the first wrist warmers that I ever sold through my Etsy shop! Well - I kept this pair for myself and the pair that sold were just the same (big thanks to Carrie for being my first ever Etsy customer)

 more and more prototype wrist warmers! My photography could really still do with a big improvement but oh gosh I cringe when I look back at these listing photos...and people still bought my items!
This was the first pair I think I made in plain double crochet - I much prefer them like this and haven't looked back since :)

One of the things I still love is how portable crochet is - this was in August 2010, when I was working on a pure cotton scarf.

some more photos of my work from 2010...from about August onwards I seem to have made pretty much just wrist warmers; having fun trying out the great choice of wools that I could buy from Springwools...

By December I had started to make hats...
and by the time Christmas 2010 had come around, and I'd been crocheting for a full 12 months I had somehow managed to have 46 sales on Etsy!

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