Saturday, February 28, 2015

 As you can see I like tulips! They have been my treat to myself the last few weeks after I've had my shockwave treatment.

They are just so bright and cheerful and make me feel happy :)

...this is our mantlepiece at the moment: yes, yet more tulips, you can't ever have too many flowers (or too much colour!) in the house this time of year.

Yesterday was the fourth of my physio sessions on my elbow. I'm really starting to see a big improvement (as long as I don't go crazy and do too much too soon) - it's feeling very positive. I'm still not exactly enjoying the treatment itself but it's over in about 10-15 minutes and you can put up with pretty much anything for that long if you have to. I know it's working so that makes the immediate discomfort a bit easier to handle.

Last week's session was the most painful yet, this week she used the more direct head again, and on a higher setting and it wasn't so bad at all (apart from the couple of really sensitive points) so this is progress too.

I'm taking a week out from it next week and then will be back the following Thursday if everything goes to plan; after that I should hopefully just need one more treatment, which should be in about a month's time after the 5th session...and then that should be the end hopefully...

It does feel strange to not be able to crochet as much as I want to - at the moment there are a couple of days a week (after my treatment) where I haven't been doing any crochet at all -- I really want this treatment to work so I'm being super careful with my arm and resting for the first 48 hours afterwards like they recommend.

I've gone back to making crocodile wrist warmers for my Etsy shop:  I've got lots of lovely Riot dk in my box now after my order from Springwools and of course I'm eager to get using it; this is one of my most favourite yarns. It's so hard to take a break when I work with such a great self-striping yarn, as I tell myself ''I'll stop after the next colour change'' and then of course I want to keep going to see how it comes out, and so it goes until I've done too much and actually NEED to stop.

Talking about my Etsy shop, I've finally reached 700 Etsy sales! I'm actually up to 701 sales on there now as someone bought a pair of wristwarmers yesterday! I like to treat myself to something for each big goal that I reach now so I need to think about what will be for 700 sales...I'm always in shock to have reached so many sales (and even more for the next big landmark, and the next and so on). I never could have imagined that this could be possible for me - that my hobby would be able to pay for itself.

In other news, have a look at this's the remains of a leatherback turtle! My friend John Patrick always keeps an eye out for things that might be of interest to me when he's beach combing (I do the same for him - he's a fisherman so things like lobsterpot/shrimp pot parts, long lengths of rope etc are for him whereas mine usually involve dead things like dolphins, or stuff like trap tags and other curiosities from the other side of the world) but when he phoned to say that he'd found a dead turtle I was amazed! 


  1. Oh, wow, a turtle carapace! It looks incredible.What a wonderful animal that must have been while alive...

    1. I know...imagine seeing it swimming about happily in the ocean!