Saturday, January 2, 2016

First Post of the New Year.

 Happy New Year! I thought I'd post two contrasting photos - one of beach combing treasures (the sea beans) and the other of junk (these HP cartridges are ones that were lost as cargo and I'm collecting them up so that they can be sent back for recycling)
The sea beans are proper proper treasure -- all of these (and one more sea heart, which I've given away) came in in the recent storms. I know I will never find that many of them ever again, this was a once in a lifetime thing -- sadly lost cargo is much more commonplace!

I've been beach combing as often as I can recently but it all depends on the weather; we've had some pretty serious storms and so much rain as well, when the weather just isn't suitable for anything outdoors at all.

One of my most favourite beaches for beach combing has to be the one at St. Finan's Bay over past Ballinskelligs: the views are pretty amazing too but so much rubbish washes in there in the storms that it just breaks my heart.

If you look down on that beach this is what's often at your feet :(It can be overwhelming - especially when the plastic pieces are as small as this...where do you begin?


  1. Happy New Year. I am horrified by the rubbish on your beautiful beaches, I didn't know it was so bad there. I live near a beach in Australia and it is almost always free of rubbish though I am on a mission to pick up every plastic bag I see - and there are plenty. Sadly there is not such pretty sea glass to collect, only shells.

    1. thank you - the vast majority of the litter on the beach comes in on the tide and a lot of it seems to be 'international' rather than 'local' - it really is a global issue and I truly believe that every single piece picked up makes a difference. Well done for what you do :)