Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Wrist Warmers!

 I've been using up some of my newest yarns to add some new wrist warmers to my Etsy shop .... the silver one with sequins is a new shade for me (called 'Mercury') and the one below is a new one for me too. The crocodile wrist warmers made in self-striping yarn have always sold really well for me so far and are more interesting to make (rather than using plain coloured yarn)

I've finally got around to putting away all my newly ordered wool from Black Sheep Wools and Deramores - it was a bit of a squeeze fitting them all into my cupboard but I managed it!

It won't take me THAT long to start working my way through them all though & I really do need to try and plan ahead this year and get more wrist warmers made now rather than waiting til just before Christmas and practically selling out...though I know I say the same thing to myself every year! 

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