Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wrist Warmers (again)

 I've been busy, trying to rebuild up my stock in my Etsy shop - things have been looking a bit bare since just before Christmas.

The light is so awful this time of year that I've been able to make several pairs before I was able to go to take photos!
 These ones are made using some of my wools that I bought when we were in Germany in December in 2014 (yes, I still have lots of my 'holiday' wools left - even from when we went to Italy in 2013!)
The blue/green ones are my current favourites! (more German wool) - I was delighted that I had just enough wool in 2 50g balls to make a pair of wrist warmers and then a pair of little dainty wristcuffs too :) The colours of this yarn were great...I'm so glad that I always write down when I use wools in my various wool books so that I can always go back and see what brand it was and where I bought it.

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