Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wool Orders

 I know I have a cupboard full of wool but thanks to my busy run up to Christmas I've done a bit of a stock-up on various wools.

I really wanted to buy everything from just one place but was finding this blue/green King Cole 'Country Tweed' hard to get hold of...it turns out that it's been discontinued! Why do they do this??! It's such a great colour combination and was one of my most popular colours for wrist warmers last year. :(

I hate it, truly hate it, when wool companies discontinue shades or whole lines of yarn; it usually happens without any warning in advance so you don't get a chance to stock up on it and then try to go and buy some more, only to find that it's all been snapped up. 

 I managed to get hold of ten 100g balls of it from Black Sheep Wools though, so that's made me happy. I also bought a new (to me, at least) shade of 'Country Tweed' in 'pennines', and a ball of it in 'borders' too.

Then yesterday we were up in Cork and stumbled along a wool shop so I had to go in to check it out! It was pretty badly stocked to be honest - I think it must be hard to run a wool shop nowadays (especially in a city where your rent/rates must be sky-high)...most people shop online for things.

But I still managed to come out with these goodies! I hadn't seen the rainbow yarn before - it's made by Stylecraft, which is a brand that I don't use very often, but I'll give it a go. 

Then this morning Peter found all of these (packaged up, obviously!) in our shed. The courier must have come yesterday while we were out and left them there for safe-keeping.

 Deramores had yet another sale over the new year so I did a BIG stock up on my King Cole yarns as you can see! I bought a few new yarns to try out - the King Cole 'drifter' and 'authentic denim' are both new to me so I shall give them a go and report as to how I get on.
All these will be wrist warmers! Just before Christmas I had a lady who wanted a pair of black sequinned wrist warmers (crocodile stitch ones) so I bought three different types of King Cole 'Galaxy' in black - one has gold sequins, one has silver and the third has different coloured ones; black always seems to be a popular colour so I'm confident that they will sell.

This won't be the last wool order for me just yet as my regular customer, Jaye, on Etsy has asked for one of the 'artists hats' in a deep blue and I'm pretty sure that Springwools has the wool that would be right for it....

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