Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sea Glass and Sequins

 I had a message from a (hopefully) potential customer on Etsy looking for some 'tiny sea glass' the other day so this gave me the opportunity to sort out what I have in my tins that I haven't listed already: I can't really see the point in listing EVERYTHING or it would cost me a fortune in listing fees/renewals etc so I tend to keep a portion of 'the collection' listed and then if something sells or someone is looking for something specific I will list something new.

 I've just got one more wrist warmer to make in the King Cole Galaxy yarn - the twin of the black one with gold sequins and then a pair to make with the KC Riot and then I'm going to move on to something different :) It'll probably be more wrist warmers as I'm still trying to build up some stock - hopefully Lucy will want some bits and pieces for her shop in the village again for the summer...

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