Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Wool Shopping in Iceland - PART TWO

Iceland is famous the world over for the quality of its wool - walking round the city practically all of the souvenir/tourist shops were selling hand-knitted items/
 This was my favourite of the shops in the city and it's where I bought my Lopi hand-knitted jumper -- I'd wanted one but didn't want to choose just any old one, it had to be the 'right' one ...
So this is it! It wasn't cheap by any means but I love the colours and the pattern. It's a lighter-weight yarn than a lot of the others ones are, so I think I'll wear it a lot more. I love the shade of purple so much :)

And LOOK! I found some crochet as well as all the knitted stuff - this was in the window of the Icelandic Handknitting Association's shop...that crocodile stitch gets everywhere.

As part of one of our coach tours, we had a stop here (for lunch etc but we had brought snacks with us rather than having to queue up and then wait for hot food) -- it was the cheapest place to buy the Lopi wool!

They had SO many different colours (more than I photographed) and it was quite reasonably priced too.

I'd already blown my budget at the wool shop in the city so I tried to be restrained (for me) in my choices.

The two at the top are a dark blue and the two on either side of the cream are deep purple. It's lovely quality wool and I'm excited about using it.

Seeing all the hand-knitted items has made me want to give knitting a go again - it's a long time since I last knitted (I had to give it up because of my tennis elbow) - though I'll be back at work on the ferry again soon so I'd imagine it'll be put off and I'll wait til next winter to start up again ;)

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