Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yes, I am still busy making wristwarmers! It's good really that these are my ultimate favourite things to make - I'm still trying to rebuild my stock levels up...I finished the purple/black sequined ones today and have them listed already. Things are quiet in my Etsy shop at the moment but I think that's pretty normal for this time of year; really I'm grateful that this is still a hobby for me (that also allows me to donate so much to charity and sponsor two children!) rather than me trying to make a living from it....

Right now I'm making an emerald green pair (with silver sequins) and once I've got them finished I'm on to either black yarn with gold sequins or a self striping red/black.

Once I've got those ones done then I'll have got all my King Cole Riot/Country Tweed/Galaxy colours in stock and I can move on to making them in another yarn!

I've got a pretty good stock of KC Riot and Country Tweed yarns in my wool cupboard - there are a few more shades I'd like to have in stock but I'm banning myself from buying any more wools unless it's specifically for a customer, and even then I'm ONLY going to order what I need rather than what I want!

It's late now so I must go and get ready for bed, but when I was looking through my photos I found these to of myself and Oscar (my dahling little one) on the sofa....he's my heart cat and we love each other :) 

 he's been sleeping on my shoulder since he was a tiny kitten ....

...but he's a bit bigger now!

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